Thursday, July 20, 2017

Practice makes perfect

The author gives us ravens instead of an apprentice or trade master since ravens are clever and industrious.  

I have to leave shortly to go to a class for continuing education to keep myself up on the whatever is the newest in real estate or a primer on current applications.  Today it is the forms we use.  They have this class every year and I go because it is pertinent and I can get a bit casual about filling in the 'blanks.'  The thing is they offer it yearly because of all the new agents that come into the profession and they really need to understand these legal binding contracts and they are exactly the ones that don't come. 
It takes more than showmanship and a business card in any profession; to bad most don't get that.  Clever and industrious yes, and also a good skill set. 

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On Guard

Well damn the Tower Card.  Best be on guard for a very disruptive situation today. 

It is hot here in my neck of the woods.  Today's forecast is 95° and the next three days 98° with heat indices well over a 100°
When it gets this hot tempers flare.  I have already noticed that people on are on edge with this hot and humid stretch of weather.  When confronted with a Tower moment today I will think of a soft cooling breeze and not allow myself to get caught up in the tempest.  Don't need no anger hangover. 

Why is change so hard, so much so that sometimes we create Tower moments to effect the change that we need?  Maybe that will be a good question for me today.

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Following the path of least resistance.

Sometimes is is just easier to follow in the footsteps of others.  I don't usually go for herd mentality but sometimes it is best. 
Makes me think of the idiom "don't reinvent the wheel."


Monday, July 17, 2017


I have not previously related the Ace of Cups with the Holy Sacrament of Communion.  The cat is holding the wafer on a long string over the chalice. 

In the Catholic tradition the wafer and the wine are the sacraments representing the body and blood of Christ.  I was raised Catholic and after Confirmation about age six when you were supposedly old enough to make the decision to commit to the Holy Catholic Church you could receive the holy sacraments.  Not sure why the cat instead of the Dove on RWS card or a Hierophant offering the blessing, but what the hey.  If a blessing is being offered, some token of good luck or a bright blessing, I am all for it. 
Find a penny pick it up and all day long I will have good luck. 

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I did it my way.

I wonder why so many throughout history have needed to have a monument to themselves?  Fearful of passing into nothingness or to let others know they were here?  Maybe a bit of both and come to think of it, most us do the same when we have a headstone placed on our graves.  Decades pass into eons and soon no one remembers or cares, well maybe a few historians and philosophers.
I like many in this day and age am opting for cremation.  Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.   I came, I did, and now I have moved on.  I guess it's the moving on the so many of fearful of. 

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey  - Siolo Thompson

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Another King? Yuck.   Or maybe I should go 'all in' with my pair of Kings.

Another overbearing king.  Yesterday's King of Pentacles and today's King of Wands and neither has a hint of softness to them.  This portrayal of the King of Wands lets me know he is definitely a bully. 
He got his crown and wand by dominance not by birthright.  Usually bullies have self esteem issues and they overcompensate by puffery and antagonism, so I best be on alert patrol today.

The LINESTRIDER'S TAROT - Siolo Thompson

Friday, July 14, 2017

Know it All

This King of Pentacles comes across as a 'Know It All'  with his stern look of censure.
Don't want it, don't need it, won't take it - the advice he wants to give me.

People often offer unsolicited advice.  They can keep it.  I have worked many years with people always wanting someone else to make their decisions for them, mostly I think because they don't have to be responsible for themselves and also to have a 'scapegoat' when things go awry. 

"Two things define you.  Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything."  -Unknown

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson

Thursday, July 13, 2017

One more

The struggle is real.  I see this 'fox man' with his bandages and wands.  He has come far with his struggles and has accumulated some battle scars and still he stands upright, not defeated.

This without a doubt this is me.  I am leaving shortly for at least the ninth dental appointment to fix something with my teeth.  When I was hurt five years ago my teeth really took a beating.  Some lost, broken, and chipped.  I couldn't have work done on them while head wound and broken neck healed.  I am having a cap re-installed on one of the capped teeth and a cavity filled.  It should be the last of it. With my partial and all the capped teeth, hopefully I am done with that part of healing.
I like the salamanders on the socks, definitely a nod to the Wands energy represented in Rider Waite Smith tarot cards.  The salamanders mouths are not touching their tails so my healing journey is not yet complete.  Forward Ho!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Masks We Wear

The author says the image speaks to us about transformation and discarding the masks we wear and the old way of doing things.  A possible epiphany.

In sales we are taught to 'mirror and match' clients.  Most if not all of us are more comfortable being with someone that likens to ourselves.  I have spent twenty years in direct sales and I have an extensive collections of masks.  There are days that I ask myself, who I am?  Who are you behind all those masks?  And after wearing so many different ones for so many years, will it be possible to be comfortable with the me of me after shedding the layers, and that is if I can shed the layers.
Judgement also speaks to answering 'The Call'
There is something palatable in air. Some sense of change is upon me or all of us. 

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey - Siolo Thompson

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The Sun.  A lot of people think of the Sun as a planet in our solar system and forget that the Sun is a Star. 

Sunday I drew the Star and for all intents and purposes I have drawn another Star card portrayed as our Sun.  Some evenings I go out and  wish upon the first star that I see twinkling in the night sky and now I wonder if on the other side of the galaxy, someone is making a wish on our solar system star-The Sun.   Lovely

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey -Siolo Thompson

Monday, July 10, 2017


I have noticed this year the abundance of rabbits.  This last winter was very mild and with no deep freeze there was no 'kill off' of many of natures creatures.

It is best not to go chasing rabbits.

The Linestrider's Journey - Siolo Thompson

Sunday, July 9, 2017


What an interesting interpretation of The Star.  Instead of standing between the medians of water and land the author gives us a mer-woman.  Legs that become wispy fins.  It reminded me of the movie SPLASH, where Darryal Hannah played Madison a mermaid looking for her one true love on land.

I noticed after scanning the card there does not seem to be a boarder around image.  Hope comes without limitation as well.  I love drawing The Star card and always make a wish.  So what will my wish be for me on this day of the Full Moon? 


Friday, July 7, 2017

Do Not Disturb


Again another bounce between the polls of Winter and Summer.
Such a profound pictorial of the mystical silence found in the deepest part of Winter.  No footprints or paw prints to disturb the Moonscaped winter scene.  So quiet I believe I could hear the snow falling.

It reminds of Robert Frost's poem
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

     The woods are lovely, dark and deep
     But I have promises to keep
     And miles to go before I sleep
     And miles to go before I sleep

NATIVE SPIRIT Oracle Cards - Denise Linn